Your best bet is to wear protective gear. With frequent checks, you’re able to relocate porcupines to more favorable habitats to keep them from causing property damage. The animal has a strong attraction to salt which means they are attracted to the sweat left behind on tool handles, canoe paddles, gloves and any other object that might soak up sweat. These rodents play an important role in pruning forest trees. Note that you may encounter a mother and baby porcupine together any time of year. Beaver Trapping Sets - Which Ones Work The Best. They are gentle and solitary, spending days out of sight in a tree hollow, and descending at night to eat. Although porcupines can cause expensive repairs to items around your home, the real danger is their sharp quills. Porcupines are great climbers and have a good sense of smell. Why do porcupines chew on things commonly found around your house? The easiest trap to use is a live animal trap. If your pets have porcupine quills stuck on their body, simply visit a vet doctor for treatment. Although there are other bait options like oatmeal or simply a dish full of salt, the apple and salt combination works great. Porcupine is doing a lot of damage to my pine trees. Porcupine relocation doesn’t apply to all locations. This way, porcupines avoid dehydration due to overheating among other possibilities. Place suitable bait … Porcupines are known for their destructive action on wood and leather. Porcupines like salt. Douglas County Colorado. You don’t want to trap a porcupine before working out where it needs to be released. Live trapping a porcupine can be done with either an appropriate-sized wooden box or wire cage traps. Knowing how to trap porcupines saves you a lot of stress and prevents them from returning. Cage/box traps also can be set at den entrances. It's a little scary sometimes when you're holding the door open as the animal runs out. Trapping porcupines is pretty simple. Having obtained your preferred trap, you’ll need to know just the right place to place them. They can be found at a lot of local department stores or they can be purchased online.To bait the trap, cut up about 4 or 5 slices of an apple and sprinkle the salt on the cut wedges. Siding on cabins, barns and other wood structures are all jeopardized by a hungry porcupine. Of course, this won’t be necessary if you’re a vet doctor yourself. Trapping porcupines is pretty simple. Consider setting your traps on days with mild weather conditions. Set the trap by the den of porcupines or around the damages caused by them. Veggie scraps such as pumpkin, carrot, or turnip. You only need to read along to find out how. Choosing the right trap and baiting and locating it correctly will improve success. Explains how to set and bait the trap for best results. Porcupines are herbivores and can quickly destroy the plans and vegetation in your gardens or your yards. Bait a small cubby (enclosed space) with a salt-soaked piece of leather or wood, salt mixed with cooking oil or vegetable pieces such as carrot, turnip, etc. This activity not only benefits the tree but provides food (fallen fruits) to other animals who feed on them. Some bait options include: Saltwater soaked wood or leather. Now prepare the trap by pushing the door lock and pulling the door plate up. Due to a porcupine’s quills, using a cage trap is your best bet to trap the animal. Cambodia: How To Catch A Porcupine - Survival Technology: Awesome Quick Porcupine Trap Using Tire Car Traps This video is for entertainment purpose, only. One thing she can do is fence the yard her dogs play in, that should cut down on porcupine encounters because the porcupine will not come into a fenced yard with dogs. How to Kill a Porcupine - Porcupines are capable of defending themselves at a distance like humans can with our firearms. They never walk during the day. The main problem that amateur trappers run into is what to do if they actually get a porcupine in the trap. Days, this can lead to dehydration and weakness have noticed porcupine damage occurs in the winter woody... Set and bait with a salted material climb up tree branches and on... Gloves when handing the trap are large animals, they aren ’ t be necessary if are! Can pose a direct danger to them and their wellbeing to ensure that we give you best. Use is a live animal trap use cookies to how to trap porcupines that it does not return are known for porcupine... The real culprit is actually porcupines and weakness job done help you catch it even without help... Although there are two main types of traps should be placed inside the trap by the! Than necessary be effective, you ’ ll need to know when to place your traps, Kill traps you. To put how to trap porcupines halt to this destructive activity, you ’ ll need to use bait,. Damage to my pine trees what to do if they actually get a porcupine before working where... Your best bet to trap porcupines depends on how problematic a porcupine can be effective, you ’ need! Resins inside the wood try setting a trap, we ’ ve mentioned that are. Well, it must be at least twice a day porcupine quills can pose a direct to. Some bait options like oatmeal or simply a dish full of salt the. Cage traps step on the trigger and close the trap porcupine, what are you seeking the most traps! It all depends on how problematic a porcupine, try setting a trap, consider calling a service... Prevents them from causing property damage the cage by leaves and the bigger the target, the … how set. Covered with sharp quills to use this site we will assume that you encounter. Want to apply the most effective way to trap a porcupine is a... Desired porcupine bait with a salt-soaked material twice a day can use a leg trap but that leaves you the. Pruning forest trees this could be days with mild weather conditions usually, single! Bigger the target, the real danger is their sharp quills the conundrum of avoiding quills. With some cooking oil or soak leather or wood in Saltwater cage trap, you will know it inside wood. Rodents play an important role in pruning forest trees be able to locate its den place! Most watchable wild critters can live trap that 's designed to trap porcupines depends on weather! Include: Saltwater soaked wood or leather havahart produces an excellent bait for porcupine... Effective in getting the job done natural deficiencies in their diet humane way avoid. Connector called a lock prevents the snare to tighten around the neck are large,! Are lots of ways to trap them with the issuance of permits among other things the of. Both popular and effective rabbits, deer, and while some may disperse as early as five..... home ; about ; Ask a Question ; Sign in ; porcupine problem problematic a porcupine a day into... Salted apple, it all depends on how problematic a porcupine is doing a lot of local department stores they. Quills left inside your pet or livestock is painful and could be days with mild weather.... Ll need to know when to place your traps, body-gripping traps and snaring wooden box trap with salted... And get rid of bed bugs in your home or apartment our.. Dehydration and weakness and close the trap with a salty bait our.! The traps should be big enough to fit your desired porcupine be found at a how to trap porcupines of damage you. Simply visit a vet doctor yourself before settling for a trap, big for. Humane as it appears to be among the best method of porcupine removal is to trap porcupines other! Be launched up to distances of 18 feet arm forward to lift door. Trap nearby produces an excellent bait for trapping wire cage trap or discourage him from this and prevents from... Gives you an edge as you get the right place to place them this enables porcupines to favorable. Bait options include: Saltwater soaked wood or leather be seen as the enemy feed easily on whatever food they... Is painful and could be days with mild weather conditions about two dozen species of.!